About Us

The clubs provide a fantastic opportunity for singing, laughter, education and socialising. During the term-time weekly sessions, members learn versions of favourite rock and pop songs in beautiful harmony. All clubs have performed for local and charity events since their inception and continue to raise money each term for deserving local causes.

All of our clubs are run by enthusiastic choir leaders, who are professional musicians in their own right. 

A term with Glee Club UK costs £74, which can spread across 4 months and paid by standing order at £18.50 per month. Your first "taster" session is totally FREE! 

Open to adults, aged 16 or over, there are no auditions, no solos and no need for previous experience or music reading. It’s a great way to de-stress, get rid of the blues and meet new people at the same time and, as has been proven, SINGING IS GOOD FOR YOUR MENTAL AND PHYSICAL WELLBEING!

Contact Glee Club UK through their website or call 0208 133 1074 for more details and to find your nearest club. Come and join the fun and give your community something to sing about!

Sing...Laugh...Live HAPPY!














Some of our members singing as part of Christmas Lights festivities.

Glee Club UK® is a new way of enjoying singing and sharing glee in a group environment where everyone is welcome. Learning bespoke musical and vocal arrangements, whole communities can enjoy the group spirit of Glee Club UK. Since this system is the same at each Glee Club UK choir, you can even transfer clubs if you move house with little or no disruption to your enjoyment of glee!