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I've always dreamt of performing on stage but that's what it was until I joined Glee; a dream. I can't believe that dream has actually come true and I sang in such an amazing venue! I, and all the others I'm sure, had the best time ever and I really can't wait to be able to get out and perform again at some point. I know it sounds cheesy, but joining Glee really has changed my life. I've met some wonderful friends and am fulfilling my dreams. It doesn't get better than that. So, thank you so much for providing me with this opportunity. Glee Club UK really does fill me with glee! - N.L.-High Wycombe, after a performance at Aylesbury's Waterside Theatre
I have woken with a great big smile on my face and three new songs fighting for first place as today's ear worm! It can only mean one thing , my Glee levels have been restored! I can't quite believe that I'm starting my 4th year as a Gleek. I can still remember feeling the warmth & friendship as I walked into my first session, the warm greeting from Terri made me feel very welcome as I watched all the hugs and absorbed all the laughter of a noisy reunion as summer tales were shared. I knew this was a community that I wanted to be part of. Last night was no different, except it was me doing the hugging and making sure the newbies felt included! Autumn term is possibly my favorite, breaking the summer drought, Christmas songs & performances to look forward too and knowing that with the help of my Glee fix I really can Sing Laugh & Live Happy. Thank you xxxxx
I've always fancied singing with a choir and Glee Club UK is just perfect for me. The songs are mostly the kind of thing I'd sing along with anyway and the euphoric feeling of being part of such an amazing group stays with me all week. LY
I just wanted to say that I have only been a member for 4 weeks and I have never met a bunch of such friendly people - they make you feel so welcome. Thank you for welcoming me. FN
I had a really good time and find the people very friendly and helpful. I wanted to say well done on creating and running an excellent group!
Another great night tonight - you give out such wonderful enthusiasm and this is so infectious. A lovely way to spend a Thursday evening :-)
Hi. Was not at glee club last week as was on my hols in Cornwall. Wanted to share an experience I had with you . There is a cliff top walk that I have tried to do but because of my fear of heights never completed until last week - what got me through the most scary parts (pathways with sheer drops to the sea) was repeatedly singing - don't stop believing ! I did it I did it I did it ! ! ! ! I was so proud of myself . Thanks to the confidence I have gained since joining your club ,just wanted to say thank you ! AH 
awesome evening, thoroughly enjoyed, definitely will be a regular. i definitely encourage anyone thinking of joining to get themselves down regardless of your ability :) J.T.
Thank You! Glee Club UK was everything I expected. The time just flew by and what an uplifting experience it was ;-D Can't wait for the next session. See you all on Thursday. W.A.
I have been unable to work for 16 months due to ill health (I have M.S.). Glee Club UK has given me a chance to forget everything and just be me for a couple of hours a week, not Mum, Wife, Daughter or someone with this terrible illness. Every week I come home with a giant smile on my face which is still there along with the songs that we have been singing the next morning. Thank you. C.R.
My marriage broke down whilst expecting my 2nd Daughter and more severe post natal depression after the birth of my son 3 yrs ago. I'm still on medication and look forward to the day I take my last pill!!!!! GLEE fills a void called ME TIME that nothing else has been able to do and quite frankly I bless each day but right now I bless Thursday the most. It feels good to tell you how much I enjoy what you are giving to the community and for that I would really like to just say thank you. K.K.
Just a quick note to say how much I enjoyed my first Glee Club UK this evening. What a great bunch of people and I found your enthusiasm really inspiring. I will definitely be back next week. A.S.
Glee Club UK has given me such an incredible release! And I love it!! I leave each week on a total high! I feel young again...alive, as if I am at university again…and it feels good! C.D.
Just wanted to say how much i am enjoying the sessions. Gives me a boost of confidence as everyone is so nice and enjoying what they probably have wanted to do for a long time. This is giving me back my self esteem again. A.O.
I LOVED yesterday evening - it was SUCH fun. Definitely count me in as a regular (sadly much to my husband's annoyance) and I will hopefully be bringing another friend along next week, plus my sister, Claire, and Catherine again. I will try to get Harry to come along next time, too, as I am sure that he would enjoy it. I spent a whole hour this morning walking the dogs singing Mamma Mia at the top of my voice with a big grin on my face whilst practising the 'choreography' - luckily I do a very deserted route! Thank you SO MUCH for inviting me. E.D.
I had a really fab time last night. I had told a friend at work about joining Glee Club UK and she said how much she enjoyed singing, didn't know if she could hold a tune but was interested. She looked at the site on Facebook and listened to you, too, on Radio Berkshire. I reported back to her this morning and said I thought she would really enjoy it. She has now joined on Facebook! And hopefully will come along next week if she can get out of her dinner appointment. G.R.
I haven't had so much fun in a long time can't wait till next Thursday. To be able to enjoy singing and dancing with like minded people a great atmosphere and you at the helm we can't fail to have a great time. That really was AMAZING - SO jolly, such fun and one of the most uplifting things I have done for years ( well, without the aid of alcohol!). Thank you so much - I came away with a huge grin on my face which is still there! W.G