Is It For Me

Singing in A choir is good for you!



It's time for just being you! It’s proven - you live happier, healthier and longer! Opening your mouth and belting out your favourite song feels amazing - and when you’re part of a group it’s a million times better! 



Come and sing some great songs from the last few decades and have a brilliant time with performance opportunities every term! It’s time for just being YOU and a fantastic way to de-stress?

Open to everyone from 16 to 100 and over, there are no auditions, no solos and you don't need previous experience singing in a choir. Not sung since school.... no problem! Beginners are warmly welcomed.  A term with Glee Club UK costs £74, which you can pay in one go at the beginning of term or you can choose to pay by direct debit at £18.50 per month.  

Your first visit is totally free, so what are you waiting for? Come and have a go. Look under "Find a Glee Club" to see where your closest choir is and email us on to book a free taster session with us or call 0208 133 1074.

Here's a taste of the kind of songs we sing CLICK HERE